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The Living Balance Sheet

Our Process

Addressing the Essential Coordination of the Four Quadrants of Business, Personal, Estate, and Retirement

At Applied Financial Group, we specialize in the often complex dynamics of financial strategies that affect you and your family’s life – from start to finish, generation to generation. In response to the many situations successful business owners and families like yourself face throughout life, we have developed a unique, proprietary process called The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™.

The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™ explains how the four quadrants of business, personal, estate, and retirement are essential for coordination, and they flow to create a full holistic approach to planning. As you travel along your path, our guidance may help shield you from wealth loss due to taxation, market instability, lost opportunity, and both personal and professional tragedy.

The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™

Coordinating retirement assets with non-retirement assets for tax efficiency in all stages of a participant’s financial life is imperative. The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™ leads us into long and short-term personal planning processes revolving around current tax issues. Once a plan is established, we begin the process of addressing the business owner’s and participants’ coordination of all assets creating asset distribution and ultimately their estate taxation efficiencies.

From the initial stages of starting a family and establishing a business to succession planning and retirement plans, our team will work with you to accumulate and protect your wealth. Our goal is to help ensure that your financial strategies keep up with you and guide you toward your desired destination.

The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™ includes five key steps:

Step 1 - Design and Selection
Step 2 - Documentation and Asset Implementation
Step 3 - Asset Projection and Coordination with Non-Retirement Assets
Step 4 - Total Asset Projection and Distribution Plan
Step 5 - Total Estate Tax Projection and Minimization

Through this five steps, we coordinate your retirement, distribution, and estate plans. The Life Cycle Wealth Management Process™ incorporates multiple strategies to address all elements of your financial picture. Using tax-leveraged strategies, we aim to help you avoid the pitfalls while enjoying the benefits of the tax system and the ever-changing rules that can impact your finances.

When it comes to your financial planning, our uncommon advanced planning strategies not only maximize the accumulation of wealth while you earn an income, but also protect your wealth while in retirement so you can maximize your income while lowering your tax burden. This will enable you to leave a legacy and pass down the maximum amount of assets to your loved ones so they can enjoy it, not Uncle Sam.