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Estate Planning

It’s not uncommon for people to focus all of their energy on their current financial needs, such as retirement planning or business planning, and forget to plan for their estate and legacy. Preserving assets and transferring an estate to family members and heirs can be complicated and confusing. Regardless of the size of your estate, it is important to plan what will happen to it eventually.

An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies but also involves crafting a plan to ensure that your assets transfer to your desired beneficiaries. There are high-level strategies that can prepare you for the future without having a negative impact on your current lifestyle. When done correctly, preparing an estate plan can help improve your and your family’s lifestyle.

Working together, we assist you in articulating your estate planning needs and wishes to develop a plan that works for you and your family. We also coordinate the work of other professionals who may be involved, such as attorneys and CPAs. Through the estate planning process, our goal is to help you understand:

  • The implications of ever-evolving tax laws on your current and future wealth.
  • How you may benefit from the proper distribution of assets during your lifetime.
  • The effects on you, your business, family, and estate were a tragic event to happen without an estate plan in place.

We are experienced in estate planning and many estate planning advisors engage us to resolve the common issues people face.

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